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Elma Dzanic

Born and raised for part of her life in Banja Luka, Bosnia, Elma Dzanic and her family were
forced to immigrate to Phoenix, Arizona in 1995 in the aftermath of the Bosnian ethnic
conflict. She is a graduate of Arizona State University with an undergraduate degree in Justice
Studies and graduate degree in Secondary Education. Elma studied trauma, forgiveness and
restorative justice at University of Cape Town, South Africa and upon her return, she
conceptualized, developed, and delivered student and faculty focused programs on topics of
human rights, educational equity, gender, and race identities in her role as a senior program
coordinator for the Arizona State University Intergroup Relations Center. In addition to her
work at ASU, she continued working in marginalized communities facilitating dialogues,
restorative practices, and hands-on learning experiences stretching across cultural divides.
During her time as a high school classroom teacher, Elma worked on integrating restorative
justice as a classroom management practice and a community building practice to foster higher
levels of learning for opportunity students. Elma currently works for the Phoenix Union High
School District.