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Mandy Manning

Joel E. Ferris High School
Mandy Manning teaches English and math to refugee and immigrant students in the Newcomer
Center at Ferris High School in Spokane, Washington, where she is her students' first teacher
once they arrive in the United States.
Mandy began her career as a teacher in the Peace Corps in Armenia. She has also taught in
Japan and in schools across the U.S. This global perspective infuses her classroom. Mandy uses
experiential projects like map-making to help her students process trauma, celebrate their
home countries and culture, and learn about their new community. Mandy has hosted more
than 160 teaching candidates in the Newcomer Center. Many teach their first lesson in the
Center. For others, the Center is their intercultural field experience. Mandy aims to expose as
many future teachers, colleagues, and community members as possible to the diverse
environment of the Center. District leaders, school board members, and legislators are regular
visitors to her classroom.
As a National Board Certified Teacher, Mandy is an ambassador and mentor to her colleagues
and is known for her collaborative style and determination to bring marginalized voices into
Decision-making. Mandy lead a diverse committee in re-evaluating her school’s discipline plan
and adopting an evidence-based behavioral intervention plan that enhanced academic and
social behavior outcomes for all students. This effort resulted in a 74 percent decrease in
suspensions in the first year.
Mandy has taught for the past 19 years, seven of which have been in her current role. She
earned a Bachelor of Arts from Eastern Washington University, a Masters of Arts from West
Texas A & M University, and a Masters of Fine Arts from Northwest Institute of Literary Arts.